Lake Point Restoration

When you read the history of Lake Point, what you’ll see is evolution. None of the owners of Lake Point ever thought they would be mining limestone and creating a restoration project. After all, the investors are interested in real estate, construction and other opportunities. This proposal will allow the mining to end sooner and fast track the environmental improvements while making improved quality water available for public supply. And, simply put, Lake Point Restoration is already part of the plan—the Northern Everglades Plan.

Smart business people.


About land.

About water.

About the business of balancing economic opportunity with environmental and economic sustainability.

Because, at its heart, that’s what Lake Point is, or rather, what it will be. Right now, it’s an active mine site, but it doesn’t have to be.

Lake Point Restoration is part of the Northern Everglades Plan. It’s about 2,260 acres of opportunity for the region. This Web site explains what we are and where we came from, and a possible opportunity for the future.