All of the benefits of the existing agreement with the District will still be in place. A significant added benefit will be the availability of alternative water supplies. Lake Point Restoration can clean, store and convey water between Lake Okeechobee, C-44/St. Lucie Canal and the L-8 via three existing permitted pumps.

The owners will create 1,800 acres storage and water quality sites over 20 years and there will still be no land acquisition cost for the public or the District—with substantial amount of the earthwork completed by the owners.

Martin County has already received the easement for public recreation on 150 acres.

Presently, we’re working with Audubon Florida and other environmental groups to explore the possibility of developing Snail Kite habitat. They are concerned that the Snail Kite could be extinct in 50 years without direct action. We continue to solicit feedback and consult with engineers.