Lake Point is an active limestone aggregate mine site. Historically, it was sugar cane fields and orange groves. During the real estate boom, the previous owners purchased the property from the long-entrenched farmers and began constructing 100 luxury home sites on 20-acre ranchettes parcels complete with a luxury polo field. They began construction in 2006, but eventually real estate values plummeted and the development slowed.

Realizing the potential to not only create a profitable mining site, but also a self-funded, unique water restoration project, the current Owners acquired the property in January 2008. They had a different vision of the land’s potential – they saw something else. As they studied the project before purchasing the land, they began to learn about the regional water issues, including water quantity and water quality. They soon realized the potential of the land both for mining AND for restoration. It was this new knowledge that inspired the restoration project and the massive, innovative cooperative effort that ensued.

Working with Martin County, the District and various other governmental and regulatory agencies, the new Owners developed a unique, never-before done Everglades public/private partnership that resulted in the Lake Point Restoration Project.