The Proposal

This property is unique. We all know that for the most part, Florida is flat. The Lake Point property has a 13-foot drop from one corner of property to the other that makes it ideal for moving water with gravity. This is important as we consider the possibilities.

While this new proposal offers additional benefits, it’s important to know that every obligation in the existing agreement with the South Florida Water Management District will still be met.

We are proposing a private sector investment in this public interest project.

How it Works

During drenching rains, nutrient-heavy waters flowing the C-44 canal move to the estuary. This poor quality water now flows downstream to the St. Lucie Estuary where residents and environmentalists are concerned about coastal ecology. The polluted water harms the estuary. The less “polluted water” to tide, the better.

We’re proposing to take water from the C-44 Canal. The owners will develop appropriate treatment and storage for that water and make it available for public supply or other uses.

The owners are not asking for public financing. The private sector will pay for the cost of building treatment and storage. This is an alternative water supply. It’s the best kind of water supply: taking water that would have gone to tide (polluted water, at that) and creating a real use for it.

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